Friday, November 28, 2008

So Much to be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What a great holiday-no presents to buy or wrap, no cards with those nauseating update letters, no expectations except to eat! How great is that? We went to Cheryl and Hank's place and had a wonderful time. We've probably tried every variation of preparations over the years for the meal--one year I cook, the next year Cheryl did, split the meal etc. etc. it still ends up a ton of work, but this year we finally hit a winner! Cheryl and I met in the secret clubhouse (otherwise known as the craft room), listed what we wanted to eat and assigned dishes to each person. We decided that we'd all bring everything in throw away tin pans, and cook them up at our own houses and bring them to Cheryl's just needing to stay warm,and presto dinner is served! Well-maybe that simplifies it too much, because there still was a lot of cooking done in advance. But it worked out really well-everyone made their "best recipe" of what they were assigned. There were 17 of us--Mom, Cheryl, Hank and Kristen, Robert (home from NYC) with Tomomi, and their precious babies Takanori and Toshinori, Wendy and Robbie Lawson and Robert and Brian, Andi and Dave, and Aaron and I. Of course we missed those who weren't there, Andi's kids, Joanne and Mark and Kit and Erin, who are spending a few days with the Shaw's and going up to the "county" to visit with her Nanas. The biggest missing person, of course, was Daddy-the founder of the feast--but we know he was there with us as his presence was felt by all. It's still hard for me to comprehend that it was 3 years on the 24th since he passed. We miss him daily. But it was a nice day--lots of noise, food, hugs, laughs and memories--just what the doctor ordered! And easy clean up too!
In these kind of crummy times I realize I really have so much to be thankful for-the past few years have been really tough but family and friends have hung in there to support me in so many ways. We live in still the greatest country on Earth, and have so much more than many people around the world and even here in Maine, and (for at least yesterday) our health. Quoting Kristen's annual grace, "Tom is good, Tom is great, let us thank him for our food." No I didn't mess up the typing-she really says Tom--we gave up wondering who Tom was years ago-we know it's God! Maybe Cheryl can add some pictures to this-I still haven't mastered the art of adding photos to the blog--
Hope your day was as special as ours--Love, Nancy

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  1. hi, happy day after thanksgiving. just lost a long comment in the mail! pictures great & taka is a scene stealer. we share your thanks & hope. grateful for all we have & had. the armstrongs all met at jeanne's except steve's family who go italian with maryanne(mom) he left us 3 grandkids & 5 great grandkids & lots of loving memories. great for you nancy! luv to all from ct. xxxxxxxxxxxxx