Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Wicked Tired"

Well, this is an old picture but it seems to go with today's " Nancy Update". She had chemo yesterday (Carbo & Gemzar) and today sounds weak and said she is just "wicked tired". She has been sleeping on the couch all day and trying not to eat so that she won't get the nausea that often accompanies chemo. Unlike this photo, she still has her hair with her current combination of drugs but the other side effects this time have been nasty. Hopefully this will only last a few days and she will feel stronger before her follow-up dose of chemo next Tuesday. Hang in there, Nancy, we love you!


  1. Hang in there Nancy...feel better soon!!! Love the picture...the cat looks quite comfy there!!!

  2. hi, thanks for update.

    may the days go quickly.

    hope nancy is better for thanksgiving.

    luv, aunt marion