Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans' Day

No school today so I picked Nancy up at 8:45 and we headed to the Maine Women's Cancer Center for her appointment with Dr. Small and, we thought, another round of chemo. Nancy had her teal LL Bean "chemo bag" all packed with books and snacks only to find out that, because of the holiday, her chemo is not until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. We did see the doctor though and Nancy got a good report; CA 125 is staying low. Her white blood cells are high enough for chemo to proceed as planned tomorrow. Because the repeated chemos will continue to decrease her white blood cell count, she will be starting shots of Neupogen to increase the production of them. She will have to go for shots on Friday and Saturday of this week. Dr. Small also talked to Nancy about participating in a clinical trial beginning after her last round of chemo is completed in December or January. The clinical trial is for women with recurrent ovarian cancer and the goal will be to extend the time of remission. It will involve her taking one pill a day and having monthly CT scans to monitor her progress for the research.

After the appointment with Dr. Small, we drove to Daddy's grave to spend a little time there on Veterans' Day. We pulled up the wilted summer flowers and spent a little time remembering a great Dad. Andi had left a beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement at the grave and Nancy brought a fresh American flag.

What to do with the rest of a day off? Well, some early Christmas shopping of course! I thought of Hank out in the woods in Unity today, freezing his butt off, eating soup cooked over Sterno in a tin can, and desperately seeking his deer. And I thought of how much better I liked our version of "the hunt"...stalking the bargains at Home Goods and Kohl's. Hank did not get his deer today but Nancy and I did manage to hunt down a few bargains. We finished our day at Panera's where we bought a huge loaf of cheese bread which we took right back to Nancy's to enjoy toasted with lots of butter. All in all, a good day with Nancy.


  1. from Uncle Ed:
    Thank you for your update of Nancy and your visit to Fred's gravesite. I helped place the flags on the Veterans gravestones in West Hartford last Saterday we had over a hundred people there, many were Scouts or members of Veteran groups.

  2. I had to look at the Uncle Ed comment a couple of times!! I thought for a split second that my dad became technical on me and was able to figure out how this works!!!!

  3. It's Kathy making those anonymous comments....must have gotten Ed's genes!!!