Monday, November 24, 2008

Dream When Your'e Feeling Blue

Well, one thing we haven't had on this blog yet is a book review so here goes... I finished this book last night and loved it...can't wait to pass it on to Mom to read asap! It is the story of the women of the "Greatest Generation", specifically three sisters whose boyfriends have gone off to WWII. Here are some reviews from

"The book tells the story of the tight-knit family living in Chicago during the later years of World War II. There are three older sisters and two younger brothers--and one bathroom that figures frequently and humorously throughout. The book focuses on the three sisters, all beautiful young women with the whole world at their doorstep. In the beginning, we follow the girls as they send their boyfriends off to war. In the following months, we watch them support the war by regularly attending USO dances, and corresponding with soldiers on the front. Much of the story is told through letters--letters of love, friendship, loneliness, hopelessness, homesickness, and terror. The telling is slow, which helps recreate the period; much time is spent developing the inner lives of the three sisters. It is time well-spent, for we really get to know these women, and care about their emotional well-being, especially Kitty, the independent sister, who wants much more out of life than the other two and is blessed with the sexy good looks of Rita Hayworth, to boot. In this book, Berg was able to create a remarkable sense of place and time. I truly felt transported. The more I got into this book, the more I yearned to buy it for those few older friends of mine who actually lived through this period. I have heard so many personal stories about this period, but with this one book, I felt like I was living it myself. "

"The author successfully transported me into another era. The language people used back then, the attitudes, the music, the fashion styles, the parenting styles, all this and more felt authentic to me, and made me feel like I had time-traveled back into the 1940's."

"As a child of the 60's, most of what I know of WW2 is from a historical perspective. Berg made the second World War come to life for me, and put it in human perspective. Coming from an Irish family, the accounts of daily life with the Heaney's struck a chord with me."

Some readers did not like the ending. I did. I only wished the last few chapters had gone on longer and offered more details about the sisters' lives after the war. But, as I sat alone last night, crying over this book in my craft room, I knew I had to recommend it on this blog...especially to my Mom and aunts who lived through WW2 and experienced these things first hand. Enjoy... but have your box of tissues handy!

Here is the link in case you would like to purchase the book, or read more reviews, on click on it to go to the page.


  1. hi,
    always like to have a good book recommended. read acouple a week. have a srt. book club, my choice last mo. was "memory seekere daughter" very good aboput a downes twin whose father gave her away without telling monm. we had good discussion.

  2. hi ran out of space. happy thanksgiving from the book worm aunt marion