Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at Winn Farm

Nancy wrote such a beautiful entry that there is little left to say, so I'll just repeat that it was a wonderful day full of family, food and fun...and add some photos (scroll down to read Nancy's post). Nancy outdid herself with the baking she does every year...three or four pies, homemade breads, her famous pecan rolls and, of course, her turnip. Dave made his famous cole slaw, Andi brought a beautiful relish tray, and Mom's creamed onions are now part of the family tradition...always so good. Wendy, Rob and the "Lawson boys" mashed 10 pounds of potatos, Hank and Taka made pumpkin pie, and Tomo's asparagus was "oishii" (delicious). Kristen and Taka made candied apples to put at each place. The only thing left for me to make was the turkey!

As Nancy said, we all have so much to be thankful for. We hope that everyone reading this had a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Taka and "Grampy" carry in our 25 pound turkey

(L) Nancy, Dave, Andi, Kristen
(R) Brian, Hank's son-Rob Lawson

(L) Tomomi, Takanori, Brian, Robert &
Wendy Lawson
(R) Mom & Kristen

Rob & Toshinori Underwood

Toshinori Henry Underwood (18 months)
Takanori Robert Underwood (4 years)

Nancy and Toshi

Takanori's picture sums up what kind of day he had!

Three tired grandsons..all full of turkey!
(Robert Lawson, Taka, Brian Lawson)

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  1. happy day after thanksgiving. pictures great & taka is a scene stealer! my favorite holiday by far. not only the food but the family & memories. the armstrongs & pichettes gathered at jeanne 's she does it all except for desserts & wine. my tradition is getting the "girls" to join my for a post dinner walk & jeanne lives at the top of a 1/4 mile hill! still put on the 3 lbs. of course we all had to take home leftovers for nx day. no turkey left tho. we are all thankful for our families & that nancy could enjoy the food . our timmy only had a tube feeding but he never complains. we share your thanks, & hope . luv to all , aunt marion