Monday, December 8, 2008

Nancy Update

Nancy had the first infusion of her last round of chemo last Tuesday and has her very last one tomorrow. Since her recurrence, she was scheduled for six rounds of chemo and this is the 6th. So, assuming her CA125 and PET scan come out OK, the good news is that she will be all done with chemo for the holidays...and hopefully for a very long time. She felt OK last Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday and the weekend she was very sick. Because she has not been able to keep food down, she became dehydrated and had to go into the Gibson Unit on Saturday for an IV to hydrate her. She has also had to drag herself in for the neupogen shots to keep her white blood cells up so that she can receive the last dose of chemo. She found out that the reason that she has had so much fatigue is that she is anemic so they have also given her a shot to increase her red blood cell count. I just talked with her and she is hanging in there...wrapped in her teal blanket on the couch...trying to get through the last of this. Her beautiful blanket was a gift from her friend, Karen Westerberg, and the ladies of the Prayer Shawl Ministry at the First Congregational Church in South Portland. They knit or crochet blankets for people who are ill and pray for their health while they make them; what a wonderful thing to do!
So...assuming everything goes as planned, tomorrow should be the end of this nightmare for Nancy. We are all hoping that tomorrow's side effects will be mild and that Nancy will be well again for the holidays - that would be the best gift of all this Christmas.

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