Thursday, December 25, 2008

My father's Letter to his Little Brother, Eddie Sep 25, 1942

Written on United States Army Air Forces Stationary

Post Mark:
Ranoul, Ill,
Sep 26, 1942
10:30 AM

Mr. Edmond T. Smith
79 Chadwick St
Haverhill, Mass

Sept. 25, 1942
Dear Eddie,

Here they are. These are the official air corp insignia that I wear on my uniform and you can wear them on your sweater. Then you’ll be a real soldier. You put them on your left sleeve about an inch below your shoulder.
How’s school this year now that you are at greenleaf not far to walk anyway.
It’s swell down here. I work in the same building where they keep all the planes and am able to look at them all. You have seen pictures of these great big bombers. Well you ought to see how big they really are. Inside they show all sorts of machine guns and big racks for bombs. It takes 6 men to fly one. Yesterday a plane crashed on the field and was wrecked. The pilot wasn’t even hurt.
I work telling what the weather is going to be and its all a military secret. We aren’t supposed to tell anyone what it will be. Well I’ve got to go to school so write me when you have a chance.

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