Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two minds think alike!

I thought this was a bit weird.

Last Saturday I went to a CVS in South Portland to get Christmas cards for my 3 kid's.

Dave also went, separately, to the Hallmark store at Northgate to get Christmas cards for his 3 girls.
When I arrived home I showed Dave my chosen cards.
Dave went to the other room and got his 3 selected cards to show me.

Of all the card in rows and rows at the stores, Dave and I had chosen the identical Christmas card for our daughters! Is that a coincidence, or a "Higher Power" thing?

See if you can do that with your husband. I double dare you!


  1. Doo-Dee- Doo-Dee-Doo-Doo......

  2. Andi,

    One father's day, Maureen, Ed and I all got my father the same father's day card!!!!