Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas 1944


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  2. a Correction from Alice: On the farthest right side Uncle Al Hatch, husband of Aunt Helen, then "Little Helen", Ruth Clark daughter, and sitting is Aunt Helen, Grammy's oldest sister.

    Millie was married to Johnny Clark who was Ruth's son and Helen Buzzell's brother. Millie was the wife of Dad's first cousin.
    They got married before Johnny went overseas to the South Pacific. They lived on NH Ave, Bradford, MA. Bradford used to be a town when Alice was young. Now it is called a section of Haverhill.

    Alice says she will never tell about her dancing in the Miss Haverhill Dance in 1939. Let's bug her!!

    Mom's second kissing game was when she was 18 1/2 at her best friend's Rose, where she met Paul.

    Mom says that the word "Swell" was the adjective of the 40s.

  3. Notice the Oval lady picture in the background. I sure remember it. Where is it?