Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Tea

On Thursday, Andi and Nancy invited Kristen and I to the annual Christmas Tea at their church. Kristen loves getting dressed up, and loves, tea, so she was very excited. Andi and Nancy also wanted Kristen to meet their special friend, Theresa, who sits near them in church every week. Theresa was so excited to meet Kristen that she was waiting at the door with a big smile when we arrived. The ladies of Eastpoint Christian Church in Scarborough put the tea on every year to give women a break from the craziness of shopping, wrapping, cooking and writing cards and remind us all of the reason that we celebrate Christmas. Nancy had had chemo on Tuesday but the side effects were not too bad yet so she was able to join us for the tea. Nancy's positive spirit is an inspiration to me...she has been so sick but she always manages to get up again and do what matters to her. Her faith, and the kindness of her friends at Eastpoint, has helped her through this past few months so making it to the tea meant a lot to her.

After dinner, there was a program of Christmas music and Kit's wife, Erin, who sings at Eastpoint every Sunday, was one of the performers. She has a beautiful voice and did a wonderful job, as always.
Kristen had a great time at the tea, as we all did, and it was nice to relax for the evening and share some Christmas spirit...without having to cook!

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