Friday, August 7, 2009

"The Canoe Trip"

Nancy and I just got home from our "sisters" camping trip to New Hampshire; she is planning to blog about our adventures so I'll leave the full story for her to share. is a sneak preview of The Canoe Trip":
#1. We shove off from land...when I push the canoe into the water, this is where Nancy ends up. A moment later, her sunglasses fly overboard. We are off to a questionable start...

#2. After finding the sunglasses on the bottom of the lake, everything seems to be going OK as we gracefully paddle along. #3. Later: I yank the canoe back onto the shore and Nancy ends up in an even worse mess than we were in when we started. Apparently, with canoeing, timing is everything!

And this was only the first day of our camping trip! Stay tuned for more on the adventures of "Two Sisters Alone in the Wilderness with No Men to Help Them"...

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