Monday, August 3, 2009

Going "Glamping"

This entry is probably more for the ladies, so I apologize in advance to any male readers for all the "pink". I mentioned yesterday that Nancy and I don't camp quite the same way that the "guys" like to...our camping is more laid-back, more totally lazy. So, to get ready, I was surfing the web last night using keywords like "ladies camping" and "camping for girls" and I hit gold...found some sites I just have to share with all the rest of the ladies out there who don't like hunting, fishing, bugs, dirt, and fried squirrel. Here we go...
The first site is called "The Vintage Housewife"; here is the link This lady is into all things vintage including a vintage 1953 pink camper. She and her girlfriends use it to go "glamping" -
Another blog I loved was called Tin Can Cottage
This lady redid a 1964 camper in vintage style.
And here is a red and white one one from 1957 at a blog called the Beehive Cottage .
Needless to say, looking at all of these gorgeous campers will have me running around all day fixing up the t@b to make it glamourous enough for our trip to Pawtuckaway tomorrow. I'd better get started...

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  1. I screwed up posting this before-spent time "packing" today--got the Off, the Tab, Cheez-its, Gummy Bears, some fruit for "healthy snacking", 3 or 4 books, sweats, pj's, and a bathing suit--guess I'm good to go! See you in the A.M. Nancy