Monday, August 3, 2009

Gourmet : A Retrospective

After posting about the 30th anniversary of our Gourmet group, I couldn't resist going through my old photos and posting this look back at some of our "Gourmet memories". Hope everyone is up for a good laugh...
July 2008...lobster at the Lawson's...Claudia, Don Olson, Alison, JoAnne, Charlie and Dave.

Karen, Bob, Claudia, Charlie, Alison and Jo

Hank and Dave passed up the cocktails for the pool...

Dream on,'s Dave!

Alison, Jo and Charlie
...and now for a walk back in time:
Cheryl's Surprise 35th Birthday Party, Cat Mousam Rd., Kennebunk, October 1982...notice that Karen is being Karen (finger in her nose!). That's my sister, Nancy sitting in the front; Carolyn Gowdy and JoAnne Sizemore are to her right. Old friends Jim and Linda DeGrandpre are in the rear in front of the window.

Cheryl, Dan and JoAnne (couldn't figure out how to crop out our exes, Jo...)

The famous Gourmet cross-country ski trip to the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, NH...January 1983...
Jackson, NH, January 1983: Dan, JoAnne, Bob, Cheryl, Dave, Karen, Bruce, Carolyn

Check out JoAnne's form!

Carolyn Gowdy and Cheryl...

and, yes, it's Bob Underwood and I...

New Year's Eve at Sizemore's on Cat Mousam Rd., Kennebunk...ringing in 1987:
Carolyn and Bruce
Cheryl, Suzanne, and Karen
Mark and Sue

Gourmet at Chandler's Wharf...July 1988
Suzanne, Mark, Karen, Jo, Cheryl, Dan, Dave and Carolyn

singing for our supper at the condo...

the "Gourmands" arrived for Gourmet from Kennebunk in a limo...July 1988

in the limo...July 1988...Bruce, Carolyn, Sue's leg, and Mark
Dan, JoAnne,Karen, Dave, Hank, Cheryl, Sue, Mark, Carolyn and Bruce
Halloween 1988 at Sizemores...
Sue and Mark - October 1988

mmm...who could this be???'s Dave and Karen...10/88

Remember the California Raisins??? (it's really Hank & Cheryl...could you tell?)

Carolyn and Bruce, October 1988

Preview: Gourmet at Lukas' 1992...I got this photo out of order and couldn't figure out out to move it down with the others !

60's Gourmet at Gowdy's...January 1998 ...Bob, Hank (with greased hair like he used to wear in the "gang") and Bruce...
This our most infamous Gourmet of all...the GODFATHER GOURMET at Bruno's in Portland, April 1991:

Cheryl, Johnny Napolitano, JoAnne, Suzanne and Karen...

Danny, Hank, Mark and yes...that's Dave...bada bing!

Hank, Dave, Karen, and Cheryl...this was obviously pre-9/11...

One of Karen's most memorable moments...shootin' and smokin' with the bouncer at Bruno's!

And now for yet another costume party...October 1992 at Lukas' home in Kennebunk...
Yup...that really is Mark and Sue...

I'm sorry, Jo, but I HAD to post this one!!!

Hank and Bruce...10/92

Octoberfest at Cheryl and Hank's...November 2007(we were a little late):

Bob Dalton and Bruce Gowdy

Carolyn Gowdy, Hank, and Claudia Dalton

Charlie and Alison Marchese and our neighbor, Don Olson...

The evening ended with wheel-barrow races in the back yard...each guy had to push his wife over a long and tedious course In the dark...Carolyn did not look happy!!!

Hope you've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane as much as I have. For the next 30 years of Gourmet we plan more exciting events like racing around the kitchen in our walkers, serving more jello salad, and starting Gourmet at 4:00 p.m. so we can all be in bed by 8:00...keep posted for photos!


  1. This is a riot--no one has changed a lick! So glad you guys have kept it up all these years-liked your ideas for the next 30 years! Nancy

  2. Great pictures ! Joanne