Monday, August 17, 2009

Postcard of Haverhill

While we were camping last week, we drove up to Brewer to an antique shop I like, The Schoolhouse Antiques, on Rt. 15. While browsing, I found an old postcard of Haverhill, Mass., where most of our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles grew up. For $1.00, I had to buy it. Does anyone recognize the location or know anything of its history? Here is the postcard: I also found this old photo on the internet (Google Images under "Haverhill, MA"). I think it said it was taken in 1905:

Does anyone recognize the location in downtown Haverhill?


  1. Stricictly a guess that this is looking from the R.R.bridge in Wahington Sq. to the shoe shops in the Sq.Later they became tony condoes , that Dad and I looked at. Mom

  2. 2nd. picture...Could be White,s Corner, that we crossed on the way to the High school.Joe Cox , the on duty policeman always got a big hello from all of us.Joe;s son Billy Didn;t always walk the whole way, being picked up occassionally by Louis Hamel's daughter, who was being chauffered to school and had a crush on Billy.Hamel's forune was in leather.

  3. i also think it was across from the old bridge & near the train station. and # 2 looks like the center of merrimac st. tho we grew up in bradford, got to know haverhill later. mant the train ride i took to boston & nursing school in medford probably for $1.00! marion