Thursday, August 27, 2009

More About the Shanahans

After Cheryl's post about the Smith/Shanahan connection, it got me interested. I spoke to Mom at length about who and what she remembered. Andi is also a wealth of knowledge, as she has been working diligently on genealogy for quite a while. Mom spent a long time writing a comment here about her memories that unfortunately got deleted before posting (so annoying--I've done it, too.) Today Mom called Mary Clarey (not sure I spelled it right)-daughter of one of the famous Shanahan sons (Bill-William) and got the story straight. Apparently, there were not 7 Shanahan sons. There were 5! The 7 number must have been including my grandfather (Arthur Smith) and his twin who died soon after birth, Walter. That makes 7. The Shanahan sons were: 1. William, married to Maggie who had 5 children, Jim, Evelyn, Mildred, and twins Mary and Margaret. 2. Frank, married to Agnes who had a son Frank Jr. from a first marriage, then with Agnes had another Agnes, Mary (the one Mom spoke to) Len, Joe, Paul, Jack and Anna (obviously good Catholics!!) 3. Fred, who married a first time and had daughter Ethel. Then after first wife died, he married Mabel, who raised Ethel. 4. Ed, who married Ann and had Fred and Helen Nelson. 5. Jack, who married Gladys, and they had one daughter Dorothy (Dot). Now I hope I got that right--I was taking notes furiously as Mom spoke--feel free to make corrections! Hope this is now as clear as mud for all! Nancy


  1. Actually, this is a big help...clarfies the relationships. It was nice of Mom to call Mary Clary for more information. Thanks, again!

  2. Ethel Shanahan was my godmother

  3. Maureen:Ethel Shanahan was Godmother to Andrea, too.Your father was her Godfather.Fred and I were visiting her at Hale Hospital when she died.Helen (Shsnshan) nelson was there also.Glad we were, because she truly had no family left. Aunt Alice