Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Perfect Summer Day

Today was a perfect summer day in Maine. Rob came home with eight lobsters for dinner and we enjoyed every bite of them on the porch.
This afternoon, Nancy came to visit and Tomo got a ride in her new "retirement" VW convertible. The license plate? Why, "SMR4EVR", of course!
"Aunt Nancy" and Taka had a great time in the pool...
...while Toshi and his Dad went to the beach and visited "Great Grammy"(Alice). Here is Toshi in full beach attire:-)
Rob with Toshi and Tomo with Taka...at 94 degrees, it was everybody in the pool!
Yesterday, Hank's son, Rob, invited Hank, "my" Rob and Taka for a boat ride with Robert and Brian on Sebago Lake. Here are our grandsons Robert and Taka tubing behind the boat (yes, Mom, Taka had TWO life preservers on...)
Taka even got to drive the boat...

"Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~Henry James

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